The magazine

Futurespace Magazine is made up of five feature sections:

THE FUTURE provides a synergistic and candid look at pioneering products on the market together with emerging and topical tendencies we see in the world around us. A viewpoint incorporating the technical, the aesthetic and the culturally relevant.

THE CIVILIAN is about the people who lead the way. The artist, the entrepreneur, the adventurer or the eugenically enterprising: whoever makes it happen.

THE SPACE investigates the interaction between product, place and personal realities. An informed snapshot of locality and innovation.

THE IDENTITY explores personality, selfhood and unanticipated unities of individuals today. You, me, us and how we fit into the world.

THE VISION is about impressions of life via the look, the form and the function. Represented by a stimulating synthesis of photography, art and illustration, this defines the image of the moment.