Publishers statement

Official press release PR 001

Futurespace Magazine has experienced a difficult trading year 2018 and been subject to negative circumstances beyond our own control.

The publishing plans and development for the next edition have been on hold since early this year and we have put the release date on hold for the next editon, until the publishing company, Futurespace Magazine limited can be structured in a more secure position. The magazine has not taken on new commitments since late February and has been under develoment review for the future. We apologise sincerely to our readers, clients and business partners for the delays and inconvenience.

The magazine has been a passion and we are taking full responsibility for the best solution for the title. All official corporate news as updates will be on the news channel. 

All media enquiries and communication please contact via the official contact form.

Publishing director 


N. Carr

Futurespace Magazine, is published by Futurespace Magazine Limited, company number 8501113 registered in England and Wales.